Classical Style

A timeless elegance

Classical style, in stained glass as well as interior design, is where luxury meets simplicity. It favors pure lines and gives attention to graceful details. Classical style is also a showcase for the nobility of raw materials such as wood, marble, glass, and silk.

When I work on a classical stained glass panel, I prefer to use mouthblown glass, often selecting pieces that contain bubbles, which enhance the subtlety of the light. For classical windows, I usually opt for natural hues such as linen, pale brown, and smokey greys, but I like to mix in a splash of the occasional flashy color as well. This touch provides a contrast that gives life to my compositions.

When I design classical windows, I often employ glass painting, and draw detailed ornaments that will give elegance and refinement to the panels without being ostentatious.

Inspiration: Champignolle