Art et Décoration: art fair

Vitraux pour le salon Art et Décoration 2018

The studio participates in the Paris art fair salon Art et Décoration  in February. This will be an occasion for us to present new creations and put forward the styles we like most.

Classical style stained-glass panel:

We decided to create a classical panel to introduce our public with glass painting. For this work, we chose mostly mouthblown colored glass and designed a pattern that is all at once delicate and sophisticated. We like the contasts between the subtle painting and the strong textured glass.

Art Déco panel:

This year, we decided to put a stress on the glazing by creating a panel that involves only glass cutting and leading. The art déco aspect of the composition seemed to us the best way to show how sometimes small means can allow us to achieve a dynamic and colorful work.


Ornement classique réalisé à main en peinture sur verre     Ornement peint à la main sur verre

Contemporary stained-glass panel:

Last year we created panels for a drama set. During the research phase for the project, we came up with a few compositions that we liked although these were not eventually chosen for the final stained-glass windows.

This year, we decided to give life to one of these research work and to present it on the Art Fair.

The central piece is sandblasted and painted in order to obtain the various nuances in colors and textures.



     Ornement contemporain réalisé pour le Salon Art et Décoration, Paris

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