I studied at Olivier de Serre and Lucas de Nehou, both reputed glass schools in Paris. After working for a few years in various workshops where I was able to restore panels for the National Monuments and to work on ambitious projects of creation and decoration, I have opened my own studio. On the side, I have studied foreign languages (English and Russian) and art history at the ENS.

My work consists in creating a threshold between the outside and the inside. Yet, my panels do not prevent the light from flowing in and thus transform the atmosphere and enhance the architecture.

As an artist, I like to work with mouth blown colored glass and to mix it with contemporary industrial glass that will add structure and texture to my work. My ideas often spring from classical designs that I reshape into a contemporary looking tradition. Also, I love working on designs that spontaneously come to mind and have an abstract rendering.

When I am not at the studio, I share my passion for stained glass with many amateurs through the classes offered by Paris Ateliers.

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