Decorative glass

Decorative glass pieces.

There is no style limit to what can be done with glass. The samples below show but a small range of possibilities.

Glass painting allows to create sophisticated designs that add a touch of elegance in the simplest panels.

blanc          vitrailpeint          vitraildamassee

Besides, we can work on minute details suitable for panels that are meant to be looked at from up close. Here the Russian style border design and the honesty leaf border were conceived to be seen from a short distance.

traditionrusse                                       pape

When necessary, we paint with a nib to obtain extremely fine details ans lines as in the teapot picture. Or we can sandblast the glass and create textured details as in the flowers below.

plume                  fleur

Abstract designs are hand painted as well. The yellow glass displayed here is slightly undulant which explains the variations in color intensity. We love to combine glass texture and painting.


Sandblasting the glass allows to create two-colored designs that we enhance through the use of paint. Sandblasted pieces of glass are always textured, which catches the light beautifully. Using this technique, we can make abstract designs as well as figurative ones.

  Paris14-texture3             rouge


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