Artistic Commitment

The color of glass

I launched my studio in 2015 with the aim of applying my skills and knowledge in the ancient craft of stained glass to the creation of contemporary panels and modern designs for interior decoration.

I didn’t choose glass; it chose me. It attracted my interest with its multifaceted personality. Glass is a delicate and fragile material and yet, one has to tame it to master it. The richness and complexity of the colors in glass have always fascinated me, how its hues can vary from pale to intense. The color of glass is at the core of my artistic work, which is why I named my studio La Couleur du Verre.

As a stained glass maker, I am aware that my creations are always part of a building, and that they have to be conceived for architectural purposes. A panel is never a mere ornament; it plays am active role in the edifice, enhancing its volumes and creating atmospheres.

In my work, I often mix industrial glass with noble mouth-blown glass, and in my compositions I love to employ contrasts between geometrical composition and more organic designs. Entwining the effects of glass, lead, and light, I strive to give poetic expression to each space.