The process

Step by step

We always draw preparatory versions of our projects on paper. Then, once agreed upon with the client, these drawings guide us in the making of the panels. Painting on glass requires a great deal of patient work on paper beforehand, and it is only once the final drawing is ready that the process of painting it onto the glass can begin.

When we conceive a project, and choose the glass for it, our first preference is for handmade blown glass, which we love for its playful way of catching light. These sheets of glass display rich nuances of color, and can vary in intensity depending on their thickness. We also like to combine handmade and industrial glass in our projects, the latter lending texture and structure to our creations.

Our glass painting is all executed by hand. Using layers of grisaille, we add contrasts to our drawing. We can create original figurative ornaments as well as abstract designs.

The glazing technique is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, and that we are proud to continue.