Waterglass composition

Moving lines and waves

Conceived as a monumental painting, this composition of four stained glass windows offers an evocation of water inspired by calligraphy. Imagined from personal research using Indian ink then reworked to create out-of-frame effects, the stained glass windows convey an overall dynamic and constitute the centerpiece of the entrance.

The spontaneous rendering of the original ink drawing at the origin of this creation proves to be its biggest challenge: the movement must be preserved while translated onto glass. The effect is obtained thanks to the patient building of the shades of blue which echoes the natural modulations and depth of the Indian ink. The composition, although mastered in its smallest details, must retain a dancing effect which is the only guarantee of the success of the “painting”. The lead network is thus constructed according to the trajectory of the colored lines to emphasize their strength and intensity.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 180 cm per panel
Pictures by Hugo Hébrard